CSUN ALPFA offers different levels of leadership opportunities to foster an environment of growth. All ALPFA board members start with a directorship. We offer a variety of directorship positions to choose from. We have 10 teams within ALPFA offering directorship positions that are in charge of different aspects of running this club. A directorship gives new executive board members the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the responsibilities of their team as well as their duties as board members.  


Directors of meetings are for those who are excited to take every opportunity to network and lead ALPFA meetings. Directors reach out to professionals in a variety of industries to invite them to speak at one of our meetings.


Student Development

Directors of Student Development are responsible for setting up workshops and informational meetings. ALPFA’s main objective is to improve our member’s knowledge of in-demand skills. 

Teacher Assisting a Student

Professional Events

Directors of Professional Events are in charge of coordinating our bigger professional events like the ALPFA Soiree in the spring and Women of ALPFA in the fall. 

Business Conference


Directors of Marketing are responsible for managing ALPFA’s social media accounts, video content, and other advertising. Directors are responsible for coordinating the Instagram takeover, creating flyers, creating videos, and posting regularly on social media accounts. 


Social Events

The Social Events team is responsible for creating opportunities for our members to socialize and bond. This includes, but not limited to: Membership Mixer, Internship Mixer, collaborations with fundraisers, ALPFA retreat, and various small hangouts.


Community Outreach

Directors of Community Outreach create opportunities for our members to give back to our community. One of our important initiatives is Project Impact, a program with Cal Burke Highschool to motivate high school students to plan for their future through a series of workshops.

Charity Donation


The membership team is responsible for coordinating table-sitting and presentations during the membership drive at the beginning of the semester. The team also creates and emails ALPFA members a weekly ALPFA newsletter in order to keep members up to date on club news. 

Students Sitting on Staircase


Directors of Finance are responsible for raising money for the club, setting up and organizing fundraisers, as well as managing the reimbursements of board members who paid out of pocket expenses for the club.

Dollar Bills

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations team is responsible for maintaining a list and connection with CSUN ALPFA alumni though various communication methods.


Executive Student Liaison

The ESL's are responsible for the ALPFAMIGO  Mentorship program that pairs students with a student mentor. They also oversee our rotational Internship program.

College Classroom